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Completing the 6 year program at the Faculty of Motricity Sciences at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), I graduated in 2019 with Distinction in Osteopathy.

I am fluent in French, Dutch and English and therefore practice in these three languages.

As osteopathy is constantly evolving, I continue to train regularly:

November 2019 : "Development of osteopathic perception in the cranial field" (SCAB)

August 2020 : "Pediatric osteopathy: Module 1" (Center Haptis)

December 2020 : "Pediatric osteopathy: Module 2" (Center Haptis)

January 2021 : "Osteopathy applied to pediatrics: Module 1" (SCOM)

March 2021 : "Osteopathy applied to pediatrics: Module 2" (SCOM)

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