The first question we ask ourselves is " What is osteopathy? "

According to the Academy of Osteopathy of Belgium :

“Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic approach for joint and tissue mobility dysfunctions in general within the framework of their participation in the onset of diseases. "


In other words, Osteopathy is a manual medical discipline playing on several systems:

  • the locomotor system (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.),

  • the visceral system (digestive system and thoracic organs),

  • the cardiovascular system (blood circulation ) etc.


The osteopath therefore takes into consideration the entire body of the patient.

The therapist seeks to restore the physiological mobility of the body and aims at activating the self-healing mechanisms.

This in order to:

  • Relieve pain

  • Restore physiological balance

  • Maintain the flexibility of muscles and tissues

  • Prevent injuries and / or pain

To do this, the osteopath uses different techniques adapted to the complaint and to the patient.

Osteopathy is a first line medical practice, which means that it is not necessary to bring a medical prescription.

The second question we can ask ourselves is " For whom and when? " The answer can be found below.

Ostéopathe au travail




Tendon injuries

Muscle aches

Post traumatic pain


Joint pain

Sports-related injuries




Sucking problems related to breastfeeding

Digestive problems ( Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), colic)


Plagiocephaly (flattened head)

Preferential posture



Pregnant women

Sacroiliac Pain

Joint / muscle / ligament pain


Pre- and post-partum care



Children & Teenagers


Joint pain

Post-traumatic pain

Muscle aches

Growth pain (knee, legs...)




Jaw pain (temporomandibular joint)


Back and/or Neck pain

Neurogenic pain (Sciatica / cruralgia)

Visceral pain (intestinal cramps, Reflux, constipation, etc.)

Muscle aches

Rib pain



Senior citizens

Muscle aches

Joint pain

Post-traumatic / surgical pain

General feeling of stiffness

Low back pain / Back pain / Neck pain

Sciatica / Cruralgia